Tongue-Tied in Prague


I like to think I’m good at languages. I speak pretty decent Spanish, am currently learning French and can understand a small amount of Italian. The thing is that those languages are all delightfully similar to my mother tongue and therefore somewhat easy to pick up. Czech on the other hand? I’m absolutely hopeless. Continue reading

The Most Terrifying/Amazing Bar in the World

velootje ghent

I’m in the process of making a photo album…no not the Facebook kind, the real kind. Like kind you hold that has actual printed pictures in it. (What can I say, I feel like pretending we’re still in the 90s.) Anyway, I was going through old photos this weekend and did a bit of reminiscing. It went kind of like this: “Aww, look, that’s the time we got deported and had to live in Ireland! Hey, remember these barnacles we ate in Lisbon? Ahaha, failed selfie! And…oh wait…what’s this? When did I get abducted and dragged into a cave of horrors?”

That’s exactly what crossed my mind when I came upon the photos I took in Ghent at Velootje, which is either the most terrifying bar I’ve ever been to in my life, or the most amazing. Continue reading

Autogrill: Italy’s Superior Answer to Buc-ee’s

Autogrill italy

There’s a weird cult of people in the Gulf states who are obsessed with the gas station Buc-cee’s. The sprawling convenience store is, to them, a mecca around which all road trips must be planned and all snack stops must be made. These people wear beaver-branded shirts and will drive for miles on empty in hope that a Buc-ee’s will appear around the next bend. I, having never felt anything above ambivalence for any purveyor of petrol, do not understand these people. Or rather, I didn’t until my recent encounter of Italy‘s Autogrill. Continue reading

Broadway Market Plus Some Other Fun Stuff

Netil Market London

When we first moved to London we had eight sets of guests come visit in about five months. It was a total whirlwind, which seems both so long ago and just like yesterday. At that point, I only knew to take my friends and family to the main tourist attractions, and the best bit of local color I had to offer was Borough Market. And while Borough is an amazing destination for guests and locals alike, I’m now totally kicking myself for not putting everyone on a tube heading for Broadway Market.

Continue reading