ZipJet: My Laundry Lifesaver



To live in a tiny flat in London is to live with crunchy socks. If that sentence confuses you, it’s probably because you’ve never had to deal with one of these European “combo” washer/dryers, which don’t actually dry, are renowned for harboring mildew, and which have a spin cycle louder than a rocket launch. The crunchy socks thing comes from having to line-dry everything in front of the heater – an interesting feat in itself when your flat is all of 550 square feet.

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Christmas at Columbia Road Flower Market

photo 1-14

The London weather has gone to crap. It’s grey. It’s drizzly. It’s cold. But, you know what? It’s not that bad. (I’m a hot weather girl at heart, so that’s a lot coming from me.)The thing is, that for all the spitting rain and chilling wind, London has one huge, major, game-changing quality that somehow makes this winter business OK, and that is: Holiday Cheer. Cheesey as it may be, it’s totally true. Before the calendar even flipped to December, every high street was strung with lights, Christmas markets appeared in the parks, window displays were decked to the nines, and every man woman and child began downing mince pies like there was some kind of shortage.

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The Parisian Street of Dreams (For Cooks, Anyway)

rue montorgueil

What is the appeal of clothes shopping, exactly? Do people enjoy hunting down the right size? Discovering the piece they love is offensively overpriced? Waiting in line for the changing room? Peeling off 16 layers of clothing? Is there some enjoyment in this that I’m just not getting? Maybe it’s the standing in front of a three way mirror and looking jaundiced in the flicker of florescent lighting that’s so appealing. All I know is that clothes shopping ain’t my bag, but when it comes to hunting down kitchen goodies, however, I’m the queen of credit cards.

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Recipe: Speculoos Cream Puffs

poplini cream puff

Ah the cream puff, that little cloud of pastry, that courier of custard, that bite-sized bastion of delight. For far too long these mini desserts have played second fiddle to the more famed Parisian macaron, which is a shame really, because instead of fussing with temperamental (read: infuriating) meringue shells, home cooks could be whipping up a batch of technically simpler – and immeasurably more flavorful – cream puffs.

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I Get Around


My trips have slowed over the past few weeks leaving me with a bit of free time catch up with London friends, binge on turkey, and write a few guests posts for some of my favorite travel bloggers out there. It’s been fun making online connections with these intrepid folks and I’ve enjoyed contributing pieces that I hope hit home with their readers. Check out the links below to see where else I’ve been writing this month: Continue reading