Notes from Pasta Land

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I’ve never heard anyone talk about food the way Italians talk about food. These people are more obsessed with quality products that the Spanish,  prouder of their traditions than the French and have been committed to all things local and seasonal before any tattooed American kitchen rat was even born. In all Italian dishes, the passion is quite literally palpable, yet somehow even more so in each plate of handmade pasta.  Continue reading

Secret Paris


The first time I went to Paris, I did as everyone does on their first trip and visited the Louvre. I hated it. It was a Dan Brown-fueled anthill of humans clamoring to get close to tiny works of art hidden behind protective cases. The friend I was with had a near panic attack and I was more than happy for the excuse to leave. Ever since then, I’ve been kind of gun shy when it comes to seeing the major sights in the City of Lights. But because of my reluctance to play tourist in Paris, I’ve been freed up to sniff out some truly special city secrets. Continue reading

Exploring Brixton Village

Brixton Village

Maybe it’s your first time to London and you want to see a real neighborhood devoid of sneaker-squeaking tourists. Maybe you’ve been here a few time and you just can’t handle another walk though Harrods or ride on the Eye. Maybe you’ve lived here your whole life and have somehow never ventured past Borough. In any such case, it’s time to head to Brixton. Continue reading

Montana: Summer Camp for Grownups

ennis montana

I went to Ennis, Montana at the end of last month to scatter my grampa’s ashes in his favorite place on Earth. It was pretty cool to rendezvous with my family after having been away for so long and to have the opportunity to explore such a wild and open place. For a town with no stoplight, I was wowed by the amount of activities available to us as tourists. The entire trip was crammed with adventures and day trips, all of which left us mildly sunburned, famished and plain pooped by the end of each day. So it was pretty much like being at summer camp…except that I’m almost 30…and I was with my extended family…and we had lots of beer. Anyway, here were my favorite activities at Camp Montana:

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