Shanghai Double Take


If you look at Shanghai through a wide lens, it doesn’t differ too much from any other major city. You’ve got skyscrapers, people with jobs, traffic jams, highway systems, schools and hospitals. But if you zoom in say, to the vantage point of a tourist walking on the street, you’ll start to pick out the little oddities that make this particular city so unique. Here are a few gems that made me stop do a double take: Continue reading

The Pancake Man of Shanghai

Shanghai Scallion Pancake

After a day of street food binging in Shanghai, I sent my mom this photo along with the caption: “Amazing scallion pancakes.” Her reply was something like: “Wow, looks so good! Just found a recipe. Can’t wait to try.” And I just shook my head and sighed, because unless  she had an actual barrel full of fire (and maybe a touch of cigarette ash), there’s no way she could ever mimic the magic of the pancake man.
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Shanghai Street Food (Part One)

Shanghai Street Food

The Bund. People’s Park. M50. All that Shanghai tourist stuff? You can do it in two days if you really try. The food scene however, with its street vendors, wet markets, Michelin stared restaurants and farm-to-table hangouts…that would take years to explore. Continue reading