Another New View…from China


We moved to Shanghai! At the end of October, Chris got the opportunity to transfer to Shanghai, so we sold all our belongings, had a few more Indian binges in London, visited family in Texas for a few weeks, flew back to London to grab our stuff, and landed in China the first week in January. Between the jet lag, culture shock, and general excitement, the first three weeks feels both like a few seconds and a lifetime all wrapped into one. Continue reading Another New View…from China

Cozy Scenes (and Eats!) from Stockholm

Mysig Stockholm

I tried to make my way to Sweden for the Midsummer holiday this year, thinking that warm weather and round-the-clock sunshine would be the best way to experience my first taste of Scandinavia. But the calendar filled, summer faded away, and I wound up meeting my Mom in Stockholm in late October instead. It was very dark and very cold, but also very cozy.  Continue reading Cozy Scenes (and Eats!) from Stockholm

Stockholm Fika Favorites


Americans go on quick coffee runs, Brits break for tea, but Swedes linger over fika. This daily (sometimes twice daily) ritual of coffee and pastries is more about socializing than refueling…though the refueling bit is of course my favorite part.  Continue reading Stockholm Fika Favorites

Brittany’s Buttery Cakes

Brittany bakeries

Within the first hour of being in Brittany, I sat down at a cafe and made my way through half a golden wedge of cheese, spreading it on a sliced baguette and marveling at its subtle flavor. It was slightly tangy, faintly sweet and laced with crunchy flecks of coarse sea salt. Totally addictive stuff. A full ten minutes passed before I realized that this magical cheese was not cheese at all, and that I’d been eating cultured, hand-churned butter by the mouthful. Continue reading Brittany’s Buttery Cakes