A Taste of Washington Summer

Washington hiking

Earlier this month I went to my hometown of Anacortes, Washington for the wedding of a dear old friend. The event itself was an absolute fairytale with the bride and groom having made everything themselves from the beer and cider right down to the rings and her dress. It was a treat to see such an amazing couple join their lives, to catch up with good friends and to finally pass through the San Juan’s in the height of summer. Continue reading

Corsica: A Mediterranean Diamond in the Rough


If I told you there was a large island of stunning beauty, strewn with medieval villages, plunging gorges and empty beaches, an island still unmarred by mega-resorts and chain restaurants and mass tourism… you’d probably think I was talking about some place in the middle of the ocean. The Pacific perhaps, where simple isolation can salvage a landscape from marauding vacationers. Continue reading

The Marvelous Maltby Street Market

Malty Street Market

I’ve been meaning to blog about Maltby Street Market for over a year now, but every time I begin to write a post I realize I have zero pictures to go along with it. The problem is that every time I go to Maltby Street, I’m so preoccupied with cramming food and drink in my mouth that I invariably forget to even pull the camera out of my bag. I tried to remedy this issue last weekend and, despite various edible distractions, garnered enough pics to finally put together a post about my favorite London market of all.  Continue reading

So Long, Portugal (and my 20’s), and Thanks for All the Fish!

eastern algarve best restaurants

I ushered in my 20’s by  drinking gallons of Strongbow in a London dive bar, which I’m pretty sure had vaguely Indian decor, and which I know overcharged for gin. I remember sitting on a bunch of throw-pillows and making a toast to the end of my youth, to the beginning of adulthood, to my friends, to my general awesomeness, to the bartender, to the waiter who brought me reheated samosas…

The rest is fuzzy, but I definitely skipped class the next day.

Continue reading

Toro Toro Torrijas!

Madrid Torrijas

We had every intention of spending the four-day Easter weekend in London. Really. But then there were these cheep tickets to Madrid, see, and a sunny forecast with highs in the mid-70s, and an alluring rumor that Semana Santa is the time to troll the streets in search of fried dough. Fried dough drenched in sugar. Fried dough served with wine. So really, no arm twisting was needed here. Continue reading