A Quick Trip to the Cotswolds


Vacation days aren’t too difficult to come by in Europe, but they sure do get used up in a hurry. Given the trips we’ve already taken this year and the vacations we have planned for the remaining months, we’re running pretty low on free days. But with the onset of warmer weather and the lure of the nearby countryside, we couldn’t resist sneaking in another quick breather from The Old Smoke. Continue reading

Bath Time!

Bath, England

You can’t shove a spoon in the ground in this country without unearthing some sort of ancient treasure. Think I’m kidding? Before building anything in London, developers are required to allow archeologists to probe the land whereupon they’ll usually find some sort of ruins, or a burial ground, or – ya know – a missing king. Some remnants of antiquity, however, remain benevolently above ground for our viewing pleasure. Continue reading

Basque Burnt Cheesecake

La Vina Cheesecake Recipe

If La Vina restaurant in San Sebastian serves something other than cheesecake, I wouldn’t know about it. The moment I walked in I zeroed in on a wall of caramel colored, parchment-enveloped rounds lining the back wall and I was blind to all else. Chris and I saddled up to the bar, ordered a slice, took one bite and fell into silence. What kind of sorcery was this? Who sold their soul to have the rules of gravity lifted thereby allowing something so rich to be so feathery? Of course, I asked the barman for the recipe. Continue reading

A Secret Garden Restaurant In Hackney

Rochelle Canteen

I’ve walked passed this locked door marked “boys” at least a dozen times and have made reservations for the restaurant hidden behind it at least six. Each time, a friend had to cancel and each time I’ve continued past, crestfallen. But no longer! I finally decided being alone in my own company for one meal might not be all that torturous, booked a table for one and took myself on a lunch date. Continue reading