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The Marvelous Maltby Street Market

Malty Street Market

I’ve been meaning to blog about Maltby Street Market for over a year now, but every time I begin to write a post I realize I have zero pictures to go along with it. The problem is that every time I go to Maltby Street, I’m so preoccupied with cramming food and drink in my mouth that I invariably forget to even pull the camera out of my bag. I tried to remedy this issue last weekend and, despite various edible distractions, garnered enough pics to finally put together a post about my favorite London market of all.  Read more

Christmas at Columbia Road Flower Market

photo 1-14

The London weather has gone to crap. It’s grey. It’s drizzly. It’s cold. But, you know what? It’s not that bad. (I’m a hot weather girl at heart, so that’s a lot coming from me.)The thing is, that for all the spitting rain and chilling wind, London has one huge, major, game-changing quality that somehow makes this winter business OK, and that is: Holiday Cheer. Cheesey as it may be, it’s totally true. Before the calendar even flipped to December, every high street was strung with lights, Christmas markets appeared in the parks, window displays were decked to the nines, and every man woman and child began downing mince pies like there was some kind of shortage.

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I Get Around


My trips have slowed over the past few weeks leaving me with a bit of free time catch up with London friends, binge on turkey, and write a few guests posts for some of my favorite travel bloggers out there. It’s been fun making online connections with these intrepid folks and I’ve enjoyed contributing pieces that I hope hit home with their readers. Check out the links below to see where else I’ve been writing this month: Read more

Chiltern Street: A Little London Hideaway

When a hip neighborhood emerges in London it tends to cross quickly from local hangout to harbinger of the masses, but after undergoing a three-year regeneration program, Chiltern Street manages to touch on trends while maintaining all the charm of an urban hideaway. This lovely little area in Marylebone is one of my favorite spots to bring guests after dragging them through crowded tourist stops and cramped subways. It’s much quieter over on Chiltern Street, with the added bonus of lovely window displays and plenty of nooks to stop for a sip and nibble. 
(photo from here)
This grand historical building was transformed into a boutique hotel and haute restaurant by lauded hotelier André Balazs. Serving as crown jewel of the neighborhood, the firehouse attracts socialites, culture vultures and foodies alike. If you don’t want to book a dinner, nab an outdoor seat at the pub next door and watch for the celebs and royals who frequently roll up.
photo 3-7


Mococle Cafe:

As an offshoot the the namesake magazine, Monocle keeps a trademark eye for aesthetics while serving local coffee and Japanese-influenced snacks. (Insider’s tip: They don’t have wifi, but there is often a neighboring network you can gain access to for free.)

photo 1-10

Shreeji Newsagent:

 A faded awning disguises the treasures inside this sliver of a store. Candy and soda fill one wall as if by habit, while the opposing shelves hold the most coveted of indie mags such as Lucky Peach, Another Escape, and Kinfolk. Great for a browse.


photo 5-4

Cire Trudon:

Established in 1643, Cire Trudon provided candles to the royal court of Louis the XIV and now – with the opening of their first boutique outside of France – to the homes to Londoners.
photo 4-5

Trunk Labs and Trunk Clothier:

These side-by-side stores offer a double dose of tailored men’s clothing and modern accessories. This is the place to shop for gifts for your guy this holiday.

photo 2-10

Cadenhead’s Whiskey Shop:

The Pimm’s cups had its season, but whiskey owns the British calendar. Stop by to ogle the enormous selection or stay for an educational tasting complete with canapés. I always stock up on a collection of mini bottles to give to friends when traveling back to the States, and I suspect they’d also make for very welcome stocking stuffers.

Have you been to Chiltern Street? Do you know of any other quiet corners of London I should visit?

Where to Find Thanksgiving Staples in London


As a bonafide, registered Mayflower descendant, I feel it my inherited duty to uphold the autumnal traditions of my people who, like myself, sucked at farming. The pilgrims came to their new home with little knowledge of the land and – again, much like myself – had to force the locals to aid them in their quest for food. Together they rejoiced and wore buckles and ate turkey and drank too much and commingled and furthered the gene pool that would eventually beget me. So basically, the first Thanksgiving is my origin story.  Read more