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A Taste of Washington Summer

Washington hiking

Earlier this month I went to my hometown of Anacortes, Washington for the wedding of a dear old friend. The event itself was an absolute fairytale with the bride and groom having made everything themselves from the beer and cider right down to the rings and her dress. It was a treat to see such an amazing couple join their lives, to catch up with good friends and to finally pass through the San Juan’s in the height of summer. Read more

Where to Find Thanksgiving Staples in London


As a bonafide, registered Mayflower descendant, I feel it my inherited duty to uphold the autumnal traditions of my people who, like myself, sucked at farming. The pilgrims came to their new home with little knowledge of the land and – again, much like myself – had to force the locals to aid them in their quest for food. Together they rejoiced and wore buckles and ate turkey and drank too much and commingled and furthered the gene pool that would eventually beget me. So basically, the first Thanksgiving is my origin story.  Read more

Montana: Summer Camp for Grownups

ennis montana

I went to Ennis, Montana at the end of last month to scatter my grampa’s ashes in his favorite place on Earth. It was pretty cool to rendezvous with my family after having been away for so long and to have the opportunity to explore such a wild and open place. For a town with no stoplight, I was wowed by the amount of activities available to us as tourists. The entire trip was crammed with adventures and day trips, all of which left us mildly sunburned, famished and plain pooped by the end of each day. So it was pretty much like being at summer camp…except that I’m almost 30…and I was with my extended family…and we had lots of beer. Anyway, here were my favorite activities at Camp Montana:

Read more

Eight Tastes of Austin

crawfish austin

I just got back from a last minute trip to the states and I’m completely, horribly jet lagged. Between the random three a.m. wake-up times and my midday nap fests, I’m feeling a bit more new mom than seasoned traveler. BUT it was worth it, because I got to see friends, family and eat freakish amount of tacos. It’s come to my attention by the way, that this blog has nary a mention of my previous home of Austin, Texas. Let’s remedy that with a quick rundown of my capitol city “must eats.” There are many, many more amazing places to eat in Austin, but these are the restaurants I just have to hit up when I visit home. Read more